“I am a Flower Child”

A place that has been sitting on my “must-eats” for quite awhile now was Flower Child. After turning vegetarian almost two years ago (I can’t believe it haha), I’ve been a lot more inclined to eat cleaner and taken a newfound interest in vegan food. Austin is the best place to find vegan and vegetarian food that still has tons of flavor. This little bistro, located in the Domain, has a wonderful ambiance. We went on a very gloomy day, but the warmth of the food and the staff’s smiles made it nice and cozy.

Sanchana ordered the Yuzu Brussel Sprouts and the Late Riser while I ordered the soup of the day, which was a Moroccan sweet potato soup. We absolutely loved the food. And the best part, it came out fast! If you can’t get away from your meat, don’t worry. They have an “add protein” option to all their meals.

Recommendations: Cucumber and Mint Lemonade

And of course, every brunch isn’t complete without a cute look to go with it. Towards the bottom, you can get some inspiration from out outfits for your next brunch outing.









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