Greece Pt. 1: Athens

What better way to celebrate a milestone (graduation!!) than with a trip to a new and exciting place?? A few weeks ago, I (along with a friend) packed my bags and went to Europe for around 2 weeks. The first place we went to was Athens. To be honest, I had no expectations on how it would be, but it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. The streets were gorgeous and filled with quaint stores and stalls. Every restaurant had a Mediterranean flair and was extremely lively. Here are some pictures of the places we saw while we were there!


P.S. I highly recommend buying the pass that gives you access to all of the ancient sites in the city. It is 30 euros, but if you have a student ID, you can get a discount!

Restaurants: God’s Restaurant (MUST EAT–the people there are extremely nice and food is wonderful), Balcony Restaurant and Bar (beautiful view of the city at night), DaVinci Gelato (the BEST and PRETTIEST gelato I’ve ever had)

For more pictures, visit our Instagram.

Streets of Athens:


Outfit: Baggy jumpsuit//Similar, Sandals//Nordstrom Rack , Hat//Similar, Necklace//Similar




Hadrian’s Library:




Acropolis Museum Cafe:

*Try the Freddo Cappuccino. It officially has become my favorite drink.




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