Greece Pt. 2: Santorini

After a lovely few days in Athens, we packed our bags, hopped on a plane, and headed to Santorini. However as soon as we landed, we were welcomed with a downpour of rain and gloomy weather. Despite the island’s initial impression due to weather, this place was out of a movie. It was beyond beautiful and words can’t even describe the views we woke up to every morning. We stayed at the Villa Voula Hotel near Perissa Beach, which is on the opposite side of the island from the famous white-washed village of Oia. The day after we landed we took an ATV (15 euros for 24 hours!!) and made our way to Oia, which is stunning. I’ll stop talking so that you can check it out for yourself down below!


Views From Our Hotel: Villa Voula LCYN9876

Exploring the Famous Oia Village:ADAB6286

Shout out to this gem of a person for being patient with me as I took a ton of pictures!DGBE1406EUNB5070UWKZ7987

Perissa (black sand beach):IMG_0929IMG_0944

Sailing Around the Island: GUPA3131

Outfit: Swimsuit//Ralph Lauren, Hat//H&M

Sunset While Sailing:DCPP3851



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