J’adore Paris

My trip to Paris this past month was the first time I had been back to the city in 13 years. It was incredible to see how the city changed in my eyes from a child to an adult. Regardless, it was still as beautiful and awe-inspiring as the first time. However, my time there was extremely short: 2 days (*nervous laugh*). I wish I had more time to explore the in’s and out’s of the city, but even for the two days I was there, I had discovered more than I could have imagined! We had delicious desserts, seen gorgeous sights, and learnt so much. Here are a few of the places (and meals) we fell in love with.


Pierre HerméIMG_1319IMG_1317

They have a peas-flavored macaron! Sounds weird but was my favorite flavor.

Palace of VersaillesIMG_1397



The water show is a must-see as well as the famous hall of mirrors!

Ladurée IMG_1495

Giverny: Home of Claude Monet IMG_1485IMG_1459

Fun fact: In the winter, the total population of Giverny is only around 75!

Cafe Carette

Streets of Paris


Eiffel TowerIMG_1564

Au revoir mes amis!


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